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Transforming our world

Working in partnership to create a more equitable world where everyone has access to quality learning opportunities, resources, and the tools needed to create resilient and thriving communities.

Our Purpose
Built on a simple vision to enhance the beauty and health of communties, we provide access to knowledge for all indigenous people around the world.

Clearspirit Project

Luna Project

I Can Play 2 Project


The Future of Meaningful Finance

Venture philanthropy and impact investing are two concepts at the forefront of transforming our world. Through a strategic combination of philanthropy and investment, resources are being leveraged to create positive societal change. Venture philanthropy is rooted in the notion of strategic giving. By strategically allocating philanthropy dollars, enterprises can fuel social missions, increase access to resources, and empower the people they serve. With a focus on accountability and results, venture philanthropy uses data to drive its decisions and investments. Impact investing plays an equally important role in transforming our world. Through impact investments, capital is allocated to businesses and organizations with the aim of creating social change as well as financial returns. This can take the form of investments in companies creating sustainable energy solutions, social enterprises tackling climate change, or organizations focusing on healthcare for underserved populations.

Latest Message

“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”

Deepak Chopra

The Jama Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is a $100 million impact fund aimed at investing in nine impact themes. The Legacy Fund will broadly reflect the portfolio strategy depicted below. We will invest in the best-emerging technology companies globally that have the potential to deliver sustainable impact around the world, with a focus on early-stage growth firms.


Creating a circular ecosystem

Impact Themes


 Supporting educational opportunities to ensure individuals and communities have access to the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to develop their full potential

 Women and Girls

 Prioritizing investments to spur economic advancement, improved health outcomes and access to key services in decision-making processes

Climate Change

 Investing in solutions that mitigate, adapt to and/or develop resilient responses to the changing environment

Sustainable Livelihoods

Investing in economic opportunities to create viable and resilient sources of income


Civic Engagement

 Encouraging active civil society participation and advancing basic political rights


 Supporting investments to spur innovation and leverage technology to address social impact goals


Addressing physical and mental health through programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals and communities

Conflict Mitigation

Investing in initiatives that seek to address and prevent violence in order to secure a long-term sustainable peace

Social Entrepreneurship

Acquiring resources in order to launch innovative ventures and support new businesses with the potential for scalable impact

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I Can Play 2 Conference & Gala

May 6-7, 2023

Every child has a right to play. Join us at our launch event in supporting families of children with adaptive needs


Global Mental Health Event

Oct 10, 2023
United states

Health and wellbeing is a major priority, and thus we unite all cultures in the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles.


iDARE Luna Screening & Festival

Dec 23, 2023
united arab emirates

Each year we celebrate the communities and groups in their life-long ambition for a beautiful and prosperous world. 


Empowering the next generation

Programs for Underserved Communities

The Fresh Start Initiative

The Youth Learning Program

The Prosperity Program

For Immigrants and Refugees

Immigrants and refugees experience significant barriers to accessing services such as healthcare, education, employment and housing due to language barriers, cultural differences and lack of financial resources.

For Indigenous Communities

Indigenous communities experience some of the highest levels of poverty and disadvantage in Canada. Our program works with the private sector to train and hire indigenous youth.

For Low-Income Families

Low-income families are increasingly struggling to make ends meet due to growing inequality. Our program provides skills training and business development to help families move out of poverty and build economic stability.



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