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Jama Legacy Fund

The Jama Foundation launched a $100 million fund to make equity investments in transforming our future.
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Our Purpose
“We are trying to change a system, not one business. We need to change the way people think, the way things are designed, the materials that are put into them…”
Dame Ellen MacArthur

Empowering communities through impact technology

Our fund is firmly committed to sustainable investing, enabling transformation leading to a sustainable positive net impact on the environment and society.

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Catalyzing Global Growth Through Impact Entrepreneurship

The global market for talent across the global growth markets is immense and largely untapped, with millions of potential change-makers and impact entrepreneurs who are currently unconnected and unbanked. Many aspiring entrepreneurs face challenges in both getting their projects funded and finding the right resources and skills to implement those projects. These entrepreneurs must work their way slowly through large, centralized NGOs and government agencies, an unwieldy system that sometimes takes years from proposal to launching a product and project. The existing financial institutions deploy capital using old decision-making processes, which are not led by the community.

Impact Fund/InvestCo

CGG Impact Fund is an investment vehicle aiming to leverage investor interest to support the CGG community projects with capital. The target size of the fund is 100 million US dollars. The fund is open to professional investors and impact angel investors. The fund will invest in 25 impact projects, as well as support the ecosystem development of the CGG impact ecosystem as a whole. Half of the total commitments will be deployed to support community growth champion projects, while the other half is divided with ecosystem support and managing the cohorts of the CGG impact accelerator program.

Our Platform

CGG is creating a decentralized impact platform, which disrupts and reimagines the social impact enterprise funding process by eliminating layers of intermediaries between the funding and projects where the funding is deployed. The process is fully scalable. The smallest villager a major city, a single entrepreneur, or a government —all may access the CGG global platform quickly and easily, accelerating the building of a more inclusive world, where there is transparency, accountability and recognition for work, wherever it has been done.


CGG provides Metaverse access to its community members, from the design of their virtual presence to taking each Metaverse accelerator program member through a tailored process to build capacity for engaging them in the Metaverse. CGG aims to be the global leader among impact investors to utilize the Metaverse for scaling impact regardless of where the community members are located physically.

Digital Platform

Access to the network will be provided through the CGG Platform whereby anyone, anywhere may submit a project to the platform or become a member of an existing project. CGG Platform will connect projects with capital and be managed with the transparency and trust that can only be provided by the blockchain.

Impact Hub

CGG Impact Tech Hubs are physical points of contact for the CGG community members. The first such hub has been launched in April 2022 in downtown Calgary, Canada, at the premises of Telus Convention Center. The Calgary hub is managed by a CGG partner entity

Our Community

CGG is a Canada based-global community of change-makers, impact entrepreneurs and dreamers, who will solve this problem by using the blockchain for creating community-driven decentralized economies and methods of effecting change, while growing impact communities through self-sovereignty to rise out of poverty and move forward in the global economy.

Impact Token

Built on the Ethereum platform, CGG will sell its Nizhoni Token for funding impact projects initiated by the CGG community. Nizhoni is Navajo language of the Native Americans and means ‘beautiful’. Nizhoni Token holders will be able to review and vote on proposed projects for funding by CGG, giving the token-holding community a voice in the conversation about which CGG projects should be funded. 20% of all net revenues from implemented projects will be directed towards our “CGG Impact Pool”. The rest will be distributed among the project participants. CGG will utilize net revenues primarily as a pool of capital to fund future impact projects. The result is an ecosystem for social and environmental impact, created by conscious sovereign individuals.